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Milton's, Aim-Home Inspection is pleased to provide our community,customers, insurance companies, real estate professionals, home buyers and sellers with a high quality home inspection service that brings to the home buying and selling unmatched integrity, quality, precision and professionalism.

It is called the moment of truth. This is when the emotion of buying or selling a home meets the reality of all the known issues as they come in to full view.

Our role is to visually inspect, communicate effectively,then efficiently and openly communicate and document to you the condition of the home. No conflict of interest, by trying to sell repair services or other services.

Licensed HI66 and Insured / Look for money saving coupon, 1 coupon per inspection!

Our standard home inspections:

  • Homes of all sizes
  • Condominiums
  • Villas
  • Town-homes
  • Duplexes / Triplexes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Offices
  • Modular Homes

Our comprehensive "Full" inspection of the entire structure and their components in the manner in which it was built, from foundation to roof.

Inspection Types:

Larger estates can be more exhaustive for the inspection process, although moderate size homes, smaller homes, modular or mobile homes can expect the same expert quality from the inspection process.

The same evaluation process is followed that meets and exceeds National Standards of Practice for home inspections.